O verdadeiro lugar de Adauto Lourenço...

Fórum de discussão de assuntos relevantes para o ateísmo, agnosticismo, humanismo e ceticismo. Defesa da razão e do Método Científico. Combate ao fanatismo e ao fundamentalismo religioso.
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O verdadeiro lugar de Adauto Lourenço...

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...é no vixra.org! (http://rxiv.org/)

Ele deveria expor seus trabalhos lá e tentar uma parceria com o Florentin Smarandache ou, melhor, com o
"V. Christianto".

O Docdeoz vai gostar de lá.

Uma amostra pros impacientes de platao
[10] viXra:1001.0009 [pdf] submitted on 8 Jan 2010

Summary of Recent Papers Written and Instructed by Authority that is Me, Jesus Christ
Authors: Jesus Christ
Comments: 3 Pages. Dictated by Jesus Christ to V. Christianto

Mais um:

[37] viXra:1004.0129 [pdf] submitted on 29 Apr 2010

The Meaning of the Singularity: 2. Astro-Sociology: Predicting the Presence of Twin Planets (Short Version)
Authors: Alon Retter
Comments: 7 pages.

We present a remarkable analogy between the human society and Astronomy. Please keep an open mind as the resemblance is both qualitative and quantitative. We link stars and children with persons and planets. The two genders are matched with cool and hot stars and with gas and solid planets. The mean values of the distributions of star multiples and US households are almost identical. Moreover, an amazing resemblance between the two curves is evident. In addition, the distribution of gas / solid planets is similar to that of boys / girls as well, and the fit could improve once selection effects are considered. Monte Carlo simulations suggest that our results are significant at a confidence level of 99.9%! We thus predict that about a third of stars harbor planets and that stars are equally divided between hot and cool stars and planets between gas and solid planets. The presence of 4 gas and 4 solid planets in the solar system supports our prediction. We forecast that the mean number of planets around host stars should be near two, and vision the presence of twin planets that share the same orbit. The wealth of known extra-solar planets should already contain a few such systems.

Quanto besteirol!
"Man is the measure of all gods"
(Fenrígoras, o sofista pós-socrático)

"The things are what they are and are not what they are not"
(Fenrígoras, o sofista pós-socrático)

"As mentes mentem"
(Fenrir, o mentiroso)